New blog

So I have been working on a little side blog,, which is a kind of light hearted, childish blog about my journey to get on the JET program (spoiler! this blog will take a depressing turn for the worst when I don’t get in), but I decided I really need to have a more serious blog… well not so much serious as down to earth and true to life? I’m not sure >< I don’t have a nice writing style so this blog is just going to sound like an unimaginative monologue most of the time probably… Sorry :P

Anyway this is going to be a general blog about my life in general, probably focusing my time travelling in Japan, and eventually my time living in Japan (because this is definitely going to happen no matter what, seriously guys ><)

Urrgh how many times have I used the word “blog” already? what a gross word D:

To start though I’m going to back post some stuff from my previous trips to Japan (is that cheating?)



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